12-Week Get Lean Program Part 1


This 12-week program is for individuals seeking to lose body fat, enhance strength, and improve their body composition. This program will provide the tools to optimize fat loss through science-based principles.


  • Science-based 12-week workout program based on undulating periodization with app access
  • PDF Guidebook
  • In-app exercise demonstration videos
  • Modification & alternative exercise options
  • Specific warm-ups and cool-downs created for each workout
  • Tempo & rest times in-app
  • Log & track your weights in-app
  • Tips on proper form and technique
  • Tips on rest & tempo
  • Cardio plan
  • Nutrition overview (Note: 1:1 nutrition coaching with customized macro plan sold separately)

The Get Lean Series Parts 1-3 are designed to build your best physique and take your confidence to the next level. Results take time, don’t skip steps. Start with Get Lean PART 1 and work your way up to Get Lean PART 3.